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  Filing a Notice of Appeal at the FST

A Notice of Appeal must be filed in accordance with the statute under which an appeal decision was made or otherwise within 30 days of the date of the decision being appealed.  The Tribunal may only extend the filing period where the appellant demonstrates that special circumstances exist.

The Notice of Appeal must be accompanied by the appeal fee of $850.  This Fee is required by section 1 of the Financial Services Tribunal Regulation and cannot be waived by the Tribunal.  The Fee may be paid by cheque, money order or bank draft made payable to the Minister of Finance.
Form of Notice

Advice on Meeting the Notice of Appeal Standard

The Notice of Appeal should clearly explain why or how the appellant believes the original decision was wrong or why the process leading to the decision was unfair. General statements such as “the decision is contrary to the law” or “it is against the weight of the evidence” may not be sufficient to have an appeal accepted by the FST. 

The Notice of Appeal must demonstrate that the appeal is well-grounded and has a reasonable chance of success. The grounds for the appeal must clearly explain the error of fact, error of law, or error in process that the appeal is based upon. 

You may use the Notice of Appeal - Form 1 to file your appeal.

If you choose not to use the form, your notice of appeal must conform to section 22 of the Administrative Tribunals Act.

For more information about administrative tribunals in British Columbia, preparing for a hearing and administrative law generally, see the information and short videos on the website titled "A Guide to the Administrative Law in BC" produced by the Justice Education Society at http://www.adminlawbc.ca/.


For a full description of the appeal Filing and hearing process at the FST, please click on the Practice Directives and Guidelines below.
FST Practice Guidelines

*Please note: effective March 2019, FST Practice Directive and Guideline 3.21 is amended to read: “The FST will endeavour to provide a copy of the final decision or order, including the written reasons, within 120 days from receiving the last submissions of the parties, to each party and any non-party who participated in the appeal.”