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Canadian Bar Association's Lawyer Referral Service
The BC Branch of the Canadian Bar Association operates the Lawyer Referral Service, funded by the Law Foundation of BC. The Service enables members of the public to consult with a lawyer for up to 30 minutes for a fee of $25. After the consultation, the fees to be charged are strictly between the lawyer and the client. The lawyer is not obliged to accept the applicant’s case and the applicant is under no obligation to retain the lawyer.

Courts of British Columbia
There are three levels of court in British Columbia: in ascending order, the Provincial Court, the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal. The Supreme Court was originally the highest court in the province. In 1909 the Court of Appeal was created. The Court of Appeal for British Columbia is now the highest court in the province.

British Columbia Financial Services Authority
The BC Financial Services Authority is the Crown Agency that regulates British Columbiaís financial services sector, including credit unions, trust companies, insurance companies, pension plans, mortgage brokers, real estate service providers, and the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Insurance Council of British Columbia
The Insurance Council of BC was originally established more than 50 years ago. In 1984, the Council was delegated the authority to license insurance agents, salespersons, and adjusters; and was subsequently given authority to investigate and discipline licensees. In 1990, the Insurance Act established the Councilís make up and defined its responsibilities in regulating insurance licensees. The Council is accountable to the provincial government and reports to the Minister of Finance.